Supply Chain & Logistics

Tracking and monitoring your most valuable assets has never been so easy and cost-effective

Overcome the shortfalls of traditional tracking technology for a leaner, more connected supply chain using the next generation of Sigfox-enabled IoT devices. Leverage Sigfox’s dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) network for more flexibility, affordability, and an end-to-end view of your supply chain in real-time.  Easily monitor the location and condition of goods as they travel by land, sea, and air. Provide smart logistics solutions that offer improved security for warehouses and fleet vehicles, giving your transport and logistics company full visibility.

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Smart Cities

Connect and experience a smart city

Connect your operations city-wide, using cutting-edge smart city technology and Sigfox’s reliable worldwide network. Remove the barriers posed by earlier devices, using Sigfox-enabled IoT solutions to deliver affordable, user-friendly, plug-and-play connectivity. Experience a leaner, more cost-effective municipality using affordable IoT solutions that range from air quality monitoring to connected fire hydrants, and smart trash dumpsters.

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Harness the power of data to move on to industry 4.0

Harness the power of data with the next generation of IoT solutions for your manufacturing plant. Sigfox’s global network dedicated exclusively for IoT solutions, can help manufacturers streamline operations, cut costs, and gain new insights. These plug-and-play devices pair seamlessly with existing machinery for a solution that is affordable, flexible and easier to use than ever before, tracking and monitoring facility-wide metrics in real-time.

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Gather customer feedback, supply chain insights, safety controls for better operations

The retail and hospitality industries depend on customer satisfaction and engagement. Stay connected to all aspects of your retail location, hotel or restaurant, using Sigfox’s dedicated IoT network, to provide a cost-effective, user-friendly experience. Remotely gather real-time supply chain insights, food safety controls, customer feedback, and even shopping cart tracking.

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Utilities & Energy

Streamline your management operations and gain remote visibility on your equipment

Streamline operations and gain complete, real-time visibility of your entire grid using the latest in IoT technology. These affordable solutions, powered by Sigfox’s dedicated IoT network, pair well with all types of utility management operations, reducing costly on-site meter readings and cutting down on unnecessary maintenance visits. Monitor water supply and wastewater networks, remotely survey electrical poles and even read the level of storage tanks remotely in real-time.

Smart Buildings

Gather real-time insights, monitor systems, track equipment, and secure valuable assets

Take the concept of smart buildings to a new level with the latest suite of IoT solutions, powered by Sigfox’s reliable, dedicated IoT network. Gather real-time insights into infrastructure stability, rodent infestations, trash collection and more using these lower-cost, autonomous and flexible solutions. Monitor building systems, track heavy equipment and secure valuable assets with wireless plug-and-play solutions that work well in both large and small buildings.

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Stay connected to your fields and stock like never before

Make more accurate decisions about your fields and crops using smart weather condition monitoring solutions powered by Sigfox’s dedicated IoT network. Remotely access real-time information about rainfall, temperature changes, wind conditions, air pressure, and humidity for your precise location. Optimise labor, water usage and crop health with the smart solution to precision agriculture.

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Home & Lifestyle

Secure your home and your life with simple IoT solutions
Create a smart home and lifestyle using smart home solutions powered by Sigfox’s dedicated Internet of Things network. Improve your safety with reliable, connected security systems and fire alarms, to remote leak detection and infrared rodent monitors that deliver 24-7 peace of mind. Enjoy modern conveniences at an affordable price, like remote pool water readings and instant package arrival notifications. You can even track everything from pets to luggage, to your next hiking itinerary without worrying about weak GSM coverage and dropped signals. It’s a smarter set of tools for a more connected world.

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Discover how IoT is helping clients to avoid damage claims.

Harness the power of data using Sigfox’s reliable dedicated IoT network to help your clients avoid damage claims. Protect homes and businesses with security alarms that aren’t susceptible to GSM jamming. Recover stolen vehicles with powerful, reliable tracking systems. React quickly to emergencies in the home or business with connected smoke detectors and real-time water leak detection. It’s a smarter set of tools for the modern insurance landscape.

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