SqwidNet provides End-to-End Solutions via our local ecosystem of partners

Why partner with SqwidNet?

It’s as simple as one, two, three
One Contract
One Network
One Ecosystem
We offer you a simple, flexible and efficient connectivity solution to drive innovation through IoT
  • At SqwidNet you will maintain a direct relationship with us for IoT connectivity on the Sigfox network.

  • Have access to the global IoT ecosystem of partners including device manufactures, module providers, application developers platform providers and software providers.

  • SqwidNet will work closely with you to address opportunities, focusing on the highest-volume use cases, thus optimizing our profits while simplifying our clients’ path to market.

We grow the device ecosystem for our channel partners by ensuring that devices are ZA ready. This is done by purchasing devices for channel partners and customers to make getting devices painless and simple for them. We further grow the software ecosystem for our channel partners by ensuring software used or built by them is ZA ready and provide professional services that ensure our channel partners get to a sellable product faster.

IoT is a network of internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors. This can change lives and can be applied to any industry with tangible business and operational challenges to overcome.
Our solutions team is responsible for growing the device ecosystem by ensuring that devices are ZA ready. This is done by qualifying, purchasing and off-the-shelf devices as well as designing and prototyping custom devices that solve African problems.

We grow the software ecosystem for channel partners by ensuring the software used or built by then is ZA ready. Software is a critical component of the IoT mix and will ultimately enable the client to make informed decisions and improve their business operations and revenue. This includes cloud platforms, applications for dashboarding and alerting, integration into existing systems and built-in warehousing for analytics.

SqwidNet also provides professional services that enable our channel partners to take their solutions to market faster by supporting them on proof of concepts (POCs), encouraging design-driven development and educating our partners using real examples from other Sigfox countries. As a collective, our partner ecosystem is changing lives by driving innovation through IoT.

Our Channel Partners